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Three basic indicators of basketball court lamp lighting

First of all, we must understand the three basic indicators of basketball court lighting: illuminance, illumination uniformity, and glare.

1. Illuminance

   In addition to ensuring the normal performance of athletes and accurate judgment by referees, reasonable illumination can also ensure that the audience in front of the scene and TV can watch the game comfortably.

2. Illumination uniformity

   The ratio of the minimum illuminance value to the maximum illuminance value is the uniformity of illumination, whether it is an indoor gymnasium or an open-air gymnasium, the requirements for illumination are very high, taking basketball venues as an example, the middle field tends to gather more lights, but the area with too strong lighting often produces glare, and the backboard area often has weak brightness, to ensure the uniformity of the lighting of the overall venue plays a vital role in the level of athletes.

3. Glare

   In order to ensure uniform illumination at all angles and prevent indoor glare, the lowest point of the stadium to the elevation angle of the lamp must be greater than 45°, but because the current stadium's light source setting position is higher and more scattered, so in order to prevent athletes or spectators from causing direct light, the current stadium will use the

computer to calculate the projection point to ensure the uniform and reasonable distribution of light. Indoor glare can also be caused by different floor materials or reflections from the water surface of the swimming hall, so it is also possible to add grilles or baffles to the luminaires to reduce glare.


So, what is the best lamp for stadium lighting?

1. Low glare, uniform light distribution, anti-glare light device.

2. Unique lighting technology, according to the actual situation of the venue to customize matching LED sports lighting equipment, can scientifically control the level, lighting uniformity to achieve high light efficiency, low glare requirements

3. Green energy saving, low carbon environmental protection, instantaneous light start, easy to use, and more than 65% energy saving than traditional metal halide lamps, long service life.

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Post time: Nov-24-2022