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Village solar street lighting project

In February 2018,the split-type high-power solar street light system manufactured by UNIKE was installed in Yangdiping Village and Caojiapo Village in Huaihua City,Hunan Province,which greatly facilitated the travel of local residents.Today,the appearances of Yangdiping Village and Caojiapo Village has been completely renewed.Walking in villages,a beautiful picture of tranquility and peace and contentment comes into view.


This lighting protect takes the construction ofbeautiful villages and happy homesas an opportunity to promote the renovation and lighting of the village appearance, Two-in-one split-type solar street lights, a total of 2,619 lights,were selected to be built in the villages and towns, Main and secondary arterial roads and public living areas of residents. In order to better allocate resources and achieve optimal lighting effects, UNIKE had fully considered the travel habits of local villagers, and added an intelligent control system to the street lights, which realized the intelligent control of brightness in different time periods, which not only saves energy and protects the environment, and effectively prolong the service life of street lights.


In order to ensure the long-term and effective operation of the lighting project,UNIKEs installation team had continued to follow up the use of the projects on-site lights in the follow-up service links,through the road illuminance test,the illuminance of the street light perfectly complies with the urban road illuminance standard.Recently,many other solar street lighting project in western Hunan has been reported by the local people that there are a large number of dead lights,and nearly 2000 lights are found to be off.In addition,people reported that there were problems such as insufficient number of the street lights and poor lighting effects. While the solar street lights installed by UNIKE in Huaihua this time have maintained no dead lights from their delivery to today,and it is worth mentioning that,after data comparison,UNIKEs solar street lights have more than ten times the illuminance of other similar products.

The solar street lighting project in Yangdiping Village and Caojiapo Village in Huaihua City,Hunan Province is undoubtedly a microcosm of improving thesatisfactionof the people and enhancing the "happiness" of the people when China's new rural construction is underway.


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Post time: Mar-17-2022