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What to pay attention to when installing solar lighting street lights

Solar street light is a new type of clean street light, which is widely used in the field of public power lighting with stability, safety and use. The installation of solar street lights and the installation of ordinary street lights have certain differences, first need to pour the foundation, and then assemble the solar street lamp components, including solar panels, LED lamp assembly, after assembly, the lamp pole will be lifted, and then install the battery and controller after hoisting, and the second pre-embedding can be made after adjustment. When installing solar street lights, pay attention to the selection of installation location, installation time, and the angle of the panel. Let’s take a look at the installation method of solar street lights.

First, solar street light installation method 

Solar street lights have the advantages of good stability, long life, high luminous efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, high safety performance, energy saving and environmental protection, economic and practical, etc., and are widely used in the field of public power lighting, so how to install solar street lights?

1. Pour the foundation

(1) Establish the installation location, according to the construction drawings and the geological situation of the survey site, in the place where there is no shade at the top of the street lamp, take the street lamp spacing of 40 meters as the benchmark to determine the installation location of the street lamp.

(2) Excavate the street lamp foundation pit, excavate the street lamp foundation pit at the installation location, and pay attention to confirming and protecting other facilities such as cables and pipelines at the excavation location when digging the foundation pit.

(3) Bury the battery, build a battery box in the excavated foundation pit, and bury the battery box inside.

(4) Pour the embedded parts of the street lamp foundation, place the embedded parts of the solar street lamp into the pit, and put one end of the wire pipe in the middle of the embedded parts, and put the other end to the buried battery. And keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground on the same level, and use C20 concrete to pour and fix the embedded parts.

(5) After the construction is completed, clean up the residue on the positioning plate in time, and after the concrete solidifies, start installing solar street lights.

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2. Installation method of solar street lamp components

(1) Install solar panels: put the solar panel on the panel bracket, tighten it with screws, connect the output line of the solar panel, pay attention to connect the positive and negative poles of the correct panel, and tie the output line of the panel firmly with a cable tie, after connecting the wire, tinplate the battery panel wiring, and then put it aside to wait for threading.

Install LED lamps: thread the light line out of the lamp arm, and leave a section of light line at one end of the installed lamp head; Support the lamp pole, thread the other end of the lamp line through the straight hole reserved by the lamp pole, and smooth the lamp line to the top end of the lamp pole; Install the lamp head at the other end of the lamp wire, align the lamp arm with the screw hole on the lamp pole, and then use a quick wrench to tighten the lamp arm with screws; Mark the end of the light wire out of the top of the light pole, and use a thin threading tube to thread the two wires together with the solar panel wire to the bottom end of the light pole, and fix the solar panel to the light pole.

(3) Lamp pole lifting: after checking the fixing of each component, wear the hanging rope in the appropriate position of the lamp pole, slowly lift the lamp, when the lamp pole is lifted directly above the foundation, slowly lower the lamp pole, while rotating the lamp pole, adjust the lamp head to face the road surface, and the hole on the flange plate is aligned with the anchor bolt; After the flange falls on the foundation, put on the flat pad, spring pad, and nut in turn, tighten the nut evenly with a wrench, and fix the light pole.

(4) Install the battery and controller: put the battery into the battery well, and use a thin wire to thread the battery wire to the roadbed; Then connect the connecting wire to the controller, first connect the battery, then the load, and then connect the sun panel; Debug whether the street light works normally, if normal, set the mode of the controller, let the street light light up, and the lamp cover of the light pole can be sealed without problems.

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(2) 3. Component adjustment and secondary embedding
After the installation of the solar street lamp, check the installation effect of the overall street lamp, readjust the tilt of the lamp pole, and check whether the sunrise angle of the panel is deviated and whether the lamp head is right; After confirming that they are all adjusted, the base of the lamp pole is pre-embedded for the second time, and the base of the lamp pole is built into a small square with cement to make the solar street light more firm and reliable.

Second, what should be paid attention to when installing solar lighting street lights

Solar lighting street lights can save energy, alleviate energy consumption, is a very practical new type of street lights, but when installing solar street lights, you should also pay attention to some aspects, such as

1. Installation location

Try to avoid installation in low-lying sections of the road, pay attention to whether the installation site is backfill soil when pouring, if it is backfill soil, the foundation pit should be deepened and enlarged, so as to ensure the stability of the later use of solar street lights.

2. Installation time

The installation of solar street lights should be installed on sunny days, if installed on rainy days, only power consumption and no charging after turning on the lights will not meet the design requirements; And pay attention to try not to turn on the lights on the day of installation, wait for the next day to charge for a day, and then connect the load in the evening.

3. The angle of the battery panel

The bracket of the solar panel is generally made before leaving the factory, as long as the installation is made to ensure that it faces the south and ensures that there is no obstruction around, and the deviation may need to be adjusted.

4. Pay attention to the wiring

Solar street lights belong to low-voltage systems, when wiring, it is mainly necessary to distinguish the positive and negative poles, and after determining the positive and negative poles of the panel, light source and battery, it is necessary to operate in strict accordance with the wiring instructions on the controller.

The above is about the installation of solar street lights, what to pay attention to when installing solar lighting street lights, welcome to consult us by sales@unike.cc, Tel / WhatsApp: +8615817377218.

Post time: Dec-22-2022